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The best electronic cigarette must be simple-to-use, satisfying to taste and able to reliably provide a complete, premium vaping experience every time. The Ten Motives Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette is specially designed to be the ideal regular "cigalike' e-cigarette for customers seeking not only a new alternative to satisfying their nicotine cravings but also a device with the look and feel of a cigarette.

With a unique cartomiser nicotine refill, this all-in-one design brings together the two key components of an electronic cigarette into one extremely effective and easy-to-use unit. A highly efficient connection between the liquid nicotine and vapourising element creates a far more authentic mouth feel and realistic sensation.

Each liquid nicotine refill cartridge contains the equivalent of up to 25 cigarettes, depending on consumer vaping habits, and a single regular flavour refill is included in this fully featured electronic cigarette starter kit. Other strips of 4 x refill cartomisers are available separately in both regular and menthol flavours.


1 x Ten Motives Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette

1 x Tobacco 16mg/ml Refill

1 x USB Charger


Perfect for Beginners

Very Easy to Use

Ten Motives Refill Equivalent to 25 Cigarettes

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