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QP Design Kali V2 RDA / RSA


If you have not heard of QP Design or used one of its RTAs or RDAs, you are really missing it. This brand has made a name for itself in the world of vaping and they are selling everything very quickly since they are known for their amazing quality and exceptional performance. The Kali V2 RDA Master Kit is an absolute jewel in the sense that it includes everything you need to make this RDA look good at everything you put in and it is a monster to throw clouds of steam and generates a great flavor. Not every day a manufacturer strives to be as comprehensive as QP Design and give it a ridiculous amount of quality or quantity for the cost of a decent RDA. The Kali V2 is a 25mm diameter RDA, a deck without posts and proprietary drip that also offers a lot of versatility when assembling your coils.


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