FOREST FRUITS - Witchcraft 50ml

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Mixture of fresh forest berries

We are now wandering to a real tasty fruit mix, that contains a lot of berries in a perfect balance. Depending on your mood you will find it sour or sweet, and also you will recognize many of the delicious ingredients we have mixed just for our honored costumers. Its not just something that mimics the taste of these amazing red and purple fruits, you can feel the freshly handpicked berries when you are vaping this luscious juice.

80%VG  20%PG


Witchcraft is a Premium quality e-liquid.

This e-liquid has a 80%VG-20%PG mix, made from the purest Pharmaceutical grade (USP/EP) ingredients.

They do NOT contain Diethylene Glycol (DEG).

You can choose only 0 mg/ml= nicotine free.

The e-liquid is delivered in a 60 ml (filled with 50ml Liquid) leak and child proof UV protected HDPE bottle (for best preserving the quality) It has a

childproof cap.



Vegetable glycerine,

Propylene Glycol,

Natural and Artificial flavours,


E-liquid is best stored in dark, room temperatures between 10-25ºC, away from direct light or heat. Only for use in electronic cigarettes ( Refer to device manufacturer for refilling instructions). Use to refill atomizer or clearomizers. Not to be sold or used by person under 18 years of age. The bottle size 60ml.

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