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Aspire Feedlink Mod

The mod from Aspire, the Feedlink squonk mod. A single 18650 squonk box mod,that will accept all types of squonk tanks. Easy to use, 5 clicks on or off, bypass mode operation. Now its an even more convenient way to vape.

The mod comes in 5 fashionable colors, silver, black/blue, gunmetal/chrome, silver/sunset red and black/nightsky. All with a very comfortable pistol grip that fits snugly in either left ot right hand.

Feedlink Mod Dimensions

Components view

Filling the squonk bottle

This is simplicity itself, just an anti-clockwise turn of the bottle retaining screw with release the bottle carrier and the bottle. Remove the bottle from the carrier, unscrew the metal top-cap and feeder tube and fill with your favorite e-liquid. Replace the top-cap/feeder tube, reinsert into the carrier and replace into the mod, remembering to replace and tighten the bottle retaining screw.

Battery Installation

Similar to the squonk bottle removal/refilling, just unscrew the battery cap in the base of the mod, insert a fresh 18650 battery, positive post upper most towards the top of the mod, replace the screw-in battery cap firmly and the mod is ready to use.

Easy Squeeze and fill

To fill or top up a tank, gently squeeze the squonk bottle until you can see your e-liquid rising into the tank, don’t over fill, remember you can top up easily with just another gentle squeeze or two.

Battery life indication

Package Contents:

1* Feedlink mod / 2* O-rings / 1* Warning card / 1* User manual / 1* Warranty card

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